Functions and Decisions Reserved for Governing Authority

Functions & Decisions Reserved for Governing Authority

The Governing Authority has a specific schedule of matters, called reserved functions, for which it alone is has the decision making function in the University, to ensure the proper management and control of the university.  

This schedule includes the various statutory functions reserved as set out in the Universities 1997 Act, covering the follwing areas:
• Section 18 - Functions of a Governing Authority;
• Section 25 - Staff;
• Section 27 - Academic Council;
• Section 34 - Strategic Development Plan;
• Section 35 - Quality Assurance;
• Section 36 - Equality Policy.

In addition,the following are also reserved functions of the Authority:
• Significant acquisitions, disposals and retirement of assets of the university or its subsidiaries;
• Major investments and capital projects, delegated authority levels, treasury policy and risk management policies;
• Approval of terms of major contracts.


Further information is available is the follwing document: GA Decisions Reserved for GA Long Version.31st MarA-1 [pdf 443kb]