Communications with Student's Parents and/or Guardians policy

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Disability Office
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This policy outlines how staff will communicate with parents and / or guardians of students registered with the Disability & Learning Support Service (DLSS).

This policy applies to all students registered with the DLSS and their parents and / or guardians.

The DLSS welcomes initial contact from parents and / or guardians of students interested in studying in DCU, especially when negotiating the CAO Supplementary Admissions Route.

Once the Semester begins, and your son / daughter has registered with the DLSS we are unable to disclose student information to you without the permission of your son/daughter.

Information about individual conditions or support provision will not be disclosed to, or discussed with, any individual outside the University, including a parent or guardian, without the consent of the student.

A Student will need to give their consent to the DLSS in writing in order for us to communicate with a parent and / or guardian.

The DLSS is also duty bound by Dublin City University’s Contact with Third Parties Policy.


Any queries in relation to this policy should be made to the following unit.

Disability & Learning Support Service

Room CG28

Henry Grattan Building


Telephone: (01) 700 5927

This policy will be reviewed by the Head of the Disability & Learning Support Service every three years, or as when required.

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DLSS Policy on Communications with Students Parents and/or Guardians

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Disability & Learning Support Service

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Version 3.0

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Head of DLSS

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December 10th 2020