Compassionate Leave Policy

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Compassionate leave may be granted to provide staff members with time away from work at a time of personal or family need, especially on the occasion of a death or critical illness of immediate family.

Leave with pay: On the death of an immediate relative (mother, father, brother, sister, child, mother-in-law, father-in-law) up to a maximum of three days leave may be granted. This maximum compassionate leave may also apply in exceptional circumstances on the death of a more distant relative who resides with the staff member. If the death of an immediate relative occurs abroad then an extra day’s leave may be granted.

On the death of a spouse up to 5 days may be granted.

One day may be granted on the death of a more distant relative. All of the above leave is paid.

In exceptional circumstances in the event of serious and unforeseen illness of an immediate relative, for example, where a staff members spouse is critically ill, arrangements for compassionate leave may be made. In such circumstances compassionate leave shall not normally exceed 3 days and staff requesting compassionate leave should consider their annual leave entitlement.

On the death of an immediate relative the maximum of 3 days compassionate leave may be approved by the Head of School/Unit. Details should then be forwarded to the Human Resources Department. In any other situation e.g. serious illness, the Director of Human Resources must be consulted.

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Compassionate Leave Policy

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27th January 2022