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The purpose of this policy is to set out the procurement objectives and responsibilities relating to procurement by Subsidiary Companies.


This Procurement Policy applies to the DCU Educational Support Services Group of commercial companies being DCU Educational Support Services DAC and its subsidiary companies. The group is hereinafter referred to as ‘Subsidiary Companies’.


1) The procurement of goods, services, and works by Subsidiary Companies shall be carried out in a manner which meets the commercial and business needs of each company, as well as being in keeping with the overall strategic objectives of DCU.

2) As subsidiary companies do not fall within the definition of “Public Authority” as set out in the 2014 Public Sector Directive, the Public Procurement rules do not apply to those companies.

Notwithstanding that, the Overriding Objective is to ensure that all procurement decisions are commercially focused and aim to ensure the best value for money is obtained as well as ensuring the quality of the products or services obtained.

3) While Public Procurement rules do not apply to subsidiary companies, each company should, where appropriate, avail of procurement frameworks that the University has in place or has access to, where they meet the overriding objective of this policy.

4) Goods and services, and works procured should comply with legislation and other relevant University and Subsidiary Companies policies (for example Health and Safety).

5) Unless otherwise agreed, procurement of works or building related services on the campuses of the University, or other locations, should be organised in conjunction with the Estates Office of the University. The Estates Office is the department within the University which has overall responsibility for managing the Estate of the University, under the direction of the DCU Chief Operating Officer. Capital projects should be progressed through the normal University capital projects process having regard to the authorisation levels applicable within individual companies and at the DCU Educational Support Services DAC board.

Subsidiary companies must ensure that an appropriate procurement process has been followed in line with this policy to ensure that the Overriding Objective of this policy is achieved. In that context, Subsidiary Companies should be aware of the following:

1) Engagement with suppliers should reflect the principles of equal treatment, non- discrimination, mutual recognition, proportionality, and transparency in procurement.

2) Evidence of value of money should be retained. The following thresholds shall apply:

Contract Value for Goods or Services

Procurement Process

Less than €5,000

At least one quote obtained

Greater than €5,000

3 written quotes

3) Evidence of written quotations, where appropriate, should be attached to purchase requisitions submitted on the Agresso Financial System.

4) All purchase orders for the supply of goods or services over €25,000 are automatically work flowed on the DCU Agresso financial system to the central DCU Procurement team for approval. As a consequence, subsidiary companies should engage with the central DCU Procurement team to ensure the correct procurement process is followed, to be informed of any relevant procurement frameworks which exist, and to ensure there is no delay in the approval and the release of a purchase order on the Agresso financial system.

5) All dealings should be carried out in accordance with best professional practices and ethical conduct.

6) Confidentiality should be maintained subject to ethical and legal compliance.

7) All procurement should be undertaken having regard to the DCU Strategic Goal 8 ‘Place sustainability at the core of the University’.

8) Insofar as appropriate, written contracts should be in place with suppliers of goods and services.

9) Ensure appropriate levels of insurance cover is in place and provided by suppliers.

10) Records should be maintained for a period of at least six years following the year of contract, with appropriate audit trail to enable inspection by the central DCU Procurement team, Internal and External Audit or other approved relevant parties.

It is the responsibility of the senior manager within each company (however designated) to ensure that this policy is applied within the company and that the Overriding Objective of this policy is achieved.

The central DCU Procurement team is responsible for providing guidance on the interpretation of specific policy requirements, for providing general procurement advice, and   access to university procurement frameworks.

A list of university policies can be found at this link.

Any queries in relation to this policy should in the first instance be directed to the central DCU Procurement team.

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30th November 2021