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The purpose of this document is to set out the University’s policy on energy conservation and energy management.


This Policy applies to all units of the University, both academic and support, including research centres and the University’s wholly owned campus companies.

Dublin City University is committed to responsible Energy Management and will strive to efficiently manage and reduce the consumption of Energy whilst providing an optimal Learning and Research environment.

We shall  continue to meet or exceed best practice in Energy Efficiency, and to minimise any adverse Environmental Impact as far as is practicable.  In order to do this, Senior Management will ensure the availability of the necessary information and resources to continually review and achieve our  objectives.

We shall  use energy in a prudent and responsible manner throughout all of our Campuses, in addition to it being a key element of its overall Sustainability and Environmental Strategies. 

To achieve our  objectives we  plan to:

  • Commit to Continual improvement in our Energy Performance and Management
  • Comply with all relevant Legal and Other requirements
  • Procure Fuels and Energy at the most favourable Economic Cost
  • Utilise Energy from Sustainable Sources where practical and Promote Sustainable Energy Management Practices
  • Promote Energy Awareness amongst both Students and Staff
  • Support the Purchase of Energy Efficient Products and Services that impact energy performance
  • Identify and implement Energy Efficiency Measures
  • Incorporate Energy Efficient and Sustainable Designs for both New Build and Refurbishment Building Projects
  • Target a reduction in Energy Consumption and Pollution Emissions in line with Ireland’s National Energy Efficiency Action Plan
  • Review our Objectives and Targets and Report on our Energy Performance

Updates and regular reviews shall be implemented to ensure our Energy Policy is relevant, well documented and communicated fully throughout the University.

All University staff are to engage with activities to support and implement this Policy. 

Energy Policy – Summary Version

A shorter version of the policy is displayed prominently around the University’s campuses.

For further information on any aspect of this policy, please contact the Estates Office or alternatively the Office of the Chief Operations Officer.

The Policy shall be reviewed by the University Executive every five years.

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Energy Policy


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Estates Office

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Original Version 2.0

Reviewed Version 2.2

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June 16th 2017

October 25th 2022