Flexi Time Policy

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Introduction & Purpose

The main purpose of flexi-time is to provide a more flexible system of attendance for staff, within certain defined limits.

Flexi-time will be operated on the understanding that the efficiency and effectiveness of the University's operations are maintained at all times.

Flexi-time is not a staff entitlement as it is subject to the operating requirements and approval of the Head/Director of School/Unit.  If the work of any section is negatively impacted, steps shall be taken to restore normal effectiveness of operations i.e. if the section is unable to restore normal effectiveness, flexi-time can be cancelled for a particular individual or unit.  Operation of flexi-time in any given unit/area will normally be reviewed annually as to its effectiveness and impact on operations. The review will determine whether flexi will continue for the following year and/or whether any changes need to be applied. The review will take into account, but is not limited to, the following considerations:

  • Effect on provision of service, operational principles and ongoing operational needs.
  • Current and future leave requirements. 
  • Current and projected employee numbers within the unit.
  • Remote working arrangements.
  • Any individual or group abuses within the unit.

The Human Resources Core Time system supports the implementation and maintenance of flexi-time in conjunction with a School/Unit’s Flexi-Time Approvers.