Interview Expenses Policy

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Dublin City University strives to foster a culture amongst its staff and student community that is open, collegial, collaborative, student focused and ambitious. These values reflect a commitment to equality, educational opportunity, social justice, ethical behaviour and academic freedom. In applying open, transparent and merit based effective recruitment and selection procedures the University strives to attract and retain high quality staff that share and live our values. The following procedures are designed to ensure our process is planned, organised and conducted in a way that supports an objective, transparent merit based assessment of every candidate and ensure that the best candidate has been selected on their merits and abilities. 


Reasonable expenses for attendance at interview will be paid to both Board members and candidates, governed by the following regulations: 

1.1 Travel  
Travelling expenses based on public transport rates or the normal University mileage allowance will be paid.  

1.2 Accommodation  
Where an overnight stay is required, accommodation will be arranged by the Personnel Office and paid for by the University. 

2.1 Travel
Candidates travelling from within Ireland will be reimbursed for the cost of train or bus transport only. A mileage allowance will not be paid. Candidates travelling from Britain will be reimbursed for the cost of flight, boat and train travel. Candidates travelling from mainland Europe, while being asked to avail of the most inexpensive fares available, will have the cost of air travel reimbursed. Candidates invited to interview from non-European countries will have a range of options as follows:

  • Candidates who are selected for appointment and who take up appointment will have expenses fully reimbursed;
  • Candidates who are selected for appointment and who do not take up appointment will not receive any expenses payment;
  • Candidates not selected for appointment will receive half payment of expenses.  

2.2 Accommodation
Candidates for whom it is necessary to stay overnight will have hotel accommodation arranged and paid for by the University. Candidates who arrange their own accommodation will have their expenses reimbursed to a maximum, equivalent to the cost of the University arranged accommodation. 

Receipts for expenses claimed should be attached to the University claim form, which can be obtained from the Human Resources Office.