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The University is committed to the support and promotion of staff learning and development.


The Policy recognises that the efficient and effective functioning of the University depends on its support and provision of development activities for staff at all levels, and in line with the University strategic objectives. 

This Policy applies to all academic, professional and technical staff of the University. These are all hereinafter collectively referred to as the ‘university”.

The policy is designed to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of staff and, by doing so, to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of both the individual and the University.  

The Learning and Development, HR Department acts as a central focus for the co-ordinated planning and provision of a broad range of training activities. These include short courses, seminars and workshops for all staff, prioritising its activities according to identified needs and demands.

The development of individual potential and career advancement are inevitably linked with the aims and objectives of the School/Unit, and in line with the University strategic objectives.

Head of School / Unit
Each Head of School/Unit has a managerial responsibility to help his / her staff to develop their performance and effectiveness. Staff development activities at School / Unit level should be actively encouraged and supported. These might include attendance at scheduled Learning and Development courses, seminars, conferences, secondments, technical skills updating, joint research, mentoring, rotation of specific duties.  

Staff member
Staff development is most effective when the individual member of staff takes responsibility for his / her own development. However, all staff should be given appropriate support and encouragement and allocated reasonable time and resources for this purpose. Staff are supported through the activities and advice of their line manager, Learning and Development, and other offices such as Teaching Enhancement Unit, Research Innovation Support, The Library, ISS and Health and Safety.

This policy will be reviewed as required.