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Dublin City University strives to foster a culture amongst its staff and student community that is open, collegial, collaborative, student focused and ambitious. These values reflect a commitment to equality, educational opportunity, social justice, ethical behaviour and academic freedom. In applying open, transparent and merit based effective recruitment and selection procedures the University strives to attract and retain high quality staff that share and live our values. The following procedures are designed to ensure our process is planned, organised and conducted in a way that supports an objective, transparent merit based assessment of every candidate and ensure that the best candidate has been selected on their merits and abilities.


A full assessment of a candidate's medical state forms an important part of the selection process and, given the nature of permanent employment in the University, medical assessments should always be carried out on successful candidates prior to commencing employment.

The University will not discriminate against any candidate on the grounds of disability and will at all times act in accordance with current Employment Equality legislation. 

When candidates are formally advised of the success of their application, they will also be advised that they should not resign from their current employment until the University indicates that all the necessary details, including the receipt by the University of a satisfactory medical report, have been fully adhered to. This overcomes a possible situation where a successful candidate resigns his/her employment to find that the University cannot proceed with their employment.

If a medical assessment reveals a candidate to have a disability within the meaning of the Employment Equality Act, 1998, the candidate will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of Employment Equality Act, 1998.