Provision of Note Taking Policy

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Dublin City University (DCU) is committed to providing a range of support services in line with best practice for students registered with the University’s Disabilities and Learning Support Service (DLSS).

The purpose of this document is to outline how students registered with the DLSS can avail of the note-taking service.

This policy applies to all students registered with the DLSS who wish to avail of the note-taking service.

The DLSS coordinates a note-taking service for students whose documented disabilities impact on their ability to take notes.

This service is provided as a necessary academic reasonable accommodation and is not considered a substitute for a student’s full participation in each class/lecture.

A designated member of the DLSS is responsible for meeting with the student seeking to avail of the note-taking service, reviewing appropriate documentation and informing the external note-taking company of our requirements. The DLSS is responsible for ensuring that the notes provided are of the highest quality and fit for purpose.

Students are responsible for providing the DLSS with their timetable within the first week of semester. Students must notify the DLSS of lecture changes or if a note taker is no longer required. Students must also inform the DLSS if they are not happy with the standard of notes.

The notes provided to students are for their own use, should it become apparent that they have been sharing these with other students then the service will be reviewed and possibly withdrawn.

DCU Disability & Learning Support Service


Telephone: (01) 7005927

This policy will be reviewed by the Head of the Disability & Learning Support Service every three years, or as when required.

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Provision of Note Taking Policy

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Disability & Learning Support Service

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Version 3.0

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Head of DLSS

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December 10th 2020