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All information given to the University through the Human Resources Department whether on recruitment or during employment will be treated as highly confidential and will be held secure in the Human Resources Department. Access to such information will be restricted.

All staff members within the University may have access to information contained on their own Personnel File subject to the specific exceptions below. These conditions relate directly to changes brought about by the Freedom of Information Acts and the definition of personal information contained herein.

References received prior to October 2001 when the Freedom of Information Act came into force for third level institutions cannot be released to staff members without the permission of the author of the reference. Staff members requesting such references about themselves will be asked to do so through a formal Freedom of Information request.

References received by this University after October 1 2001 whose authors were staff members of other public bodies will be released to DCU employees.

When requesting a reference for a prospective employee the referee will be informed at the outset that any reference provided could be viewed by the employee concerned under the terms of the Freedom of Information Acts.

Access to pre-employment medical reports will be given to the employee concerned as medical reports fall within the definition of personal information as defined in the Freedom of Information Acts. However, access to any subsequent medical reports as may have been required by the HR department in the course of employment of the individual, will be offered by the employee concerned through the auspices of a health professional nominated by the employee concerned. In this section "health professional" means a medical practitioner, within the meaning of the Medical Practitioners Act, 1978, a registered dentist, within the meaning of the Dentists Act, 1985, or a member of any other class of health worker or social worker standing prescribed.

Staff may have access to their own Personnel File by contacting the Human Resources Department.  The personnel file will be checked by HR staff to ensure that no information relating to other individuals is contained within the file. If such information is found it will be redacted. A PDF version of the personnel file will be supplied to the staff member.

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Access to Personnel Files Policy

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18th July 2022