Provision of Academic Tuition to Students Policy

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The DCU Disability & Learning Support Service (DLSS) is committed to providing a range of support services in line with best practice for students registered with the DLSS.

The purpose of this policy is to outline how students registered with the DLSS can avail of academic tuition.

This policy applies to all students registered with the DLSS who wish to avail of academic tuition.

Tuition is intended to compensate for difficulties caused by a student’s disability.

This service is provided as a necessary academic reasonable accommodation and is not considered a substitute for a student’s full participation in each class/lecture.

In many cases for those with significant on-going illnesses or mental health difficulties, and experience of prolonged periods in hospital or unavoidable infrequent attendance at lectures, academic tuition is essential for academic progression.

A designated member of the DLSS is responsible for meeting with the student seeking to avail of academic tuition. If approved, it is the responsibility of the DLSS to identify a suitable tutor, and ensure they are competent in the topic required. Students should note that sourcing academic tuition can be difficult and there is no guarantee that the DLSS will be able to find a suitable tutor.

Students, when requesting tuition, must be able to outline the type of difficulty with the course work and be able to relate this both to the nature of their disability and the level of severity.  Students will be expected to attend all sessions regularly and punctually. If a student misses a session without giving 24 hours’ notice, the tutor will be paid and the student will not receive any substitute session.

In the event of any dispute arising between student and tutor, the student is expected to contact the DLSS immediately for the matter to be resolved.

Tutors will be required to complete a Report Form after each session / group of sessions, which must be co-signed by the student.

Should it become apparent that the student has not fulfilled their above responsibilities, then the support will be reviewed and possibly withdrawn.

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This policy will be reviewed by the Head of the Disability & Learning Support Service every three years, or as when required.

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Provision of Academic Tuition to Students Policy

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December 10th 2020