Relocation Expenses Policy

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In the interests of attracting top quality staff, the University may provide financial assistance to new permanent and temporary appointees to assist in their relocation from areas outside of Dublin in order to take up employment. The payment of relocation expenses under this policy is at discretion of the President, the relevant Dean and the HR Director.

Expenses may be granted for new appointees relocating from a location greater than 100kms from their new place of work. The total maximum cumulative amount of relocation expenses payable to any individual under this policy is normally €4,500.

Before expenses may be paid the employee is to produce documentary evidence of expenses incurred. This evidence includes:

  • Itemised receipts
  • Statements

Costs associated with the payment of relocation expenses are borne by the employing Faculty/Department.

  • a) the transport of self and family and transport of furniture and effects; and/or
  • b)  temporary board and lodging; and/or
  • c) other items of expenditure related to taking up duty.