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Your university life at DCU opens up a gateway to a unique academic, professional and personal development experience, which will differentiate you from graduates of other institutions. Studying at university is an exciting new venture for students of all backgrounds – whether you are entering directly from school, re-entering education as a mature student or embarking on a postgraduate taught or research programme. In managing your student experience, you will encounter a vast array of opportunities and challenges, which will enrich you as an individual.

Here at DCU, we are committed to maximising educational, personal and professional developmental opportunities for all of our students in a welcoming, progressive and dynamic environment. We take great pride in cultivating the future policy makers, linguists, technology innovators and entrepreneurs, who will shape our society in the future.
We cannot do this on our own, however. In order to reach your full potential, it is your responsibility to engage fully in the entirety of the DCU programme to ensure that you make the most of your time at the University and, in doing so, graduate with a range of attributes that are unique to the DCU experience.

To help you understand better the relationship that exists between you and the University, we have created this ‘Student Charter’ in close liaison with the Students’ Union. It is designed to provide a framework which will help steer you along YOUR DCU journey and make the most of your university experience. 



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