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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
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Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning


Professor Lisa Looney apoointed the new Vice President for Academic Affairs (Registrar) at DCU
Prof Lisa Looney
Vice-President Academic Affairs and Registrar

Welcome to Dublin City University’s Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) hub. 

People who may not have the academic qualifications but have relevant work/life experience are encouraged to apply to DCU. Your formal education achievements, career to date, informal education, and life experiences are all important for RPL because DCU values all relevant learning. This means that your existing knowledge or life experiences could help you to gain entry to an undergraduate and/or postgraduate programme here in DCU. RPL can also be used for advanced entry and module exemptions. 

Welcome message from Professor Lisa Looney, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Registrar, DCU

About The RPL Hub

The RPL hub is here to assist you in using your learning and knowledge to enhance your education and your career by studying at DCU. We are here to help you understand what prior learning is and how it can be used to gain entry or exemptions at undergraduate or postgraduate level. We can also assist you with the application and preparing for the assessment process. To find out more, please email us on

DCU is one of many Higher Education Institutions across Ireland (including IUA Universities, Institutes of Technology and Technological Universities) that are taking part in the Irish Government's Human Capital Initiative (HCI) Pillar 3 (Innovation and Agility) RPL project.


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How can you benefit from RPL?


  • By recognising in yourself and making visible to others the valuable skills, capabilities, and learning you already have through work or other life experiences, RPL can practically support your self-esteem, confidence, and well-being.
  • RPL can allow you to return to higher education to build on previous learning. 
  • RPL can provide you with formal qualifications if you want to advance your career. 
  • RPL can speed up the progress through a programme, for example, through advanced entry or module exemptions. RPL does not believe in having to relearn what you already know.
  • RPL can help reduce the amount of time and cost associated with acquiring a qualification or credential. 

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