A Click Chemistry-Based Artificial Metallo-Nuclease
Alex Gibney, Raphael E. F. de Pavia, Andrew Kellet et al
Angewandte Chemie
School of Chemical Sciences

Metallodrugs, drugs which contain an active metal element play a key part in cancer treatments such as immunotherapy. If we add nucleic acids, which provide the means to store genetic information, to the mix we get artificial metallo-nucleases (AMNs). These are small molecules capable of cleaving DNA and preventing overactivation of DNA repair in cancerous cells. 

AMNs are a promising new form of metallo drug, and this DCU research collaboration proposes a click chemistry method for preparing one such drug. Click chemistry is the process of joining molecules together using practical chemical reactions.

Overall, the tests demonstrated the versatility and simplicity of click chemistry in the design of new metallodrugs, paving the way for the development of new clinically relevant and structurally diverse agents using environmentally friendly and cost-effective methodologies. Current efforts on this TC-scaffold are focused on broad spectrum anticancer screening and modification of the scaffold to better understand the structure–activity relationships at play.