Energy source impact on the economic and environmental effects of retrofitting a heritage building with a heat pump system
Sławomir Pochwała, Stanisław Anweiler, Mariusz Tańczuk et al
School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

In historic buildings, measures such as thermal retrofitting are particularly difficult because they conflict with preserving historic integrity. This is a Europe wide problem: about 35% of the existing housing stock in the EU is more than 50 years old. The proportion of dwellings 100 years old and older are higher than 50% in some parts of Europe.

The European Union promotes a balanced approach between the need to stimulate growth on the one hand and the preservation of heritage dwellings on the other.

This DCU research collaboration uses a new spatial analysis technique to assess the application of different heat pump systems in an historic building in Poland.

The main conclusion is that a significant reduction of the energy demand of heritage buildings is possible, despite the severe technical limitations. The paper also shows that energy retrofit measures can lead to a reduction of heating costs of the building. The study’s recommendations contributed to the renovation of an actual building featured in the study underlining the viability of this process.