Aetiological Factors of Running-Related Injuries: A 12 Month Prospective “Running Injury Surveillance Centre” (RISC) Study
Aoife Burke, Sarah Dillon, Siobhán O’Connor, Enda F. Whyte, Shane Gore & Kieran A. Moran
Sport Medicine
School of Health and Human Performance

Running-related injuries (RRIs) are a prevalent issue for runners and can arise for a number of reasons. This DCU research aimed to investigate a range of risk factors to prospective RRIs with a larger sample size than previous studies.

258 recreational runners participated in the study, where injury history and training practices, impact acceleration, and running kinematics were assessed at a baseline testing session. Prospective injuries were tracked for one year.

A total of 51% of runners sustained a prospective injury, with the calf most commonly affected. This study found several factors which could cause injury, including footwear, marathon training and running kinematics. This is also the first study to find foot strike pattern and trunk kinematics to relate to prospective injury.

The factors identified in this study may be easily modifiable, and therefore could inform injury prevention strategies.