Science in Action for Infant Learning (SAIL)
Science in Action for Infant Learning (SAIL)

Welcome to Science in Action for Infant Learning (SAIL)

Welcome to our new and exciting project, Science in Action for Infant Learning. This project involves reimagining the way we learn about Science. In particular, this project looks at the importance of using our bodies when teaching and learning. This is called embodied cognitionEmbodied cognition is best defined as actions which assist the brain’s cognitive processing as our thoughts are shaped by the types of perceptual and motor experiences we have as we interact each day with the world (Glenberg, 2008). There are many ways that this concept can be applied to the classroom and studies have found that there are also many benefits.

This project is funded by the Science Foundation Ireland and is being led by Dr John White and Dr Cliona Murphy of Dublin City University. It is taking place in four schools across Ireland: St. Brigid's and St. Patrick's N.S, Drogheda; St. Patrick’s NS., Stackallen; Navan; St Francis’ JNS, Coolock, Dublin and Scoil Cholmcille, Mount Hanover, Duleek. 

As part of the project, teachers will attend workshops and consider how embodied cognition activities can be applied to Science lessons for infants. Teachers have attended a number of workshops already. We are having great fun with magnets and making ‘ear muffs’ for a teddy!  Over the coming school year, we plan to get parents involved by giving them the skills they need to use embodied cognition at home to learn about Science with their child. We will also conduct interviews and focus groups with teachers, pupils and parents to make sure the project is continuously relevant and successful.  

Have a look through our website to learn more about Embodied Cognition and our project itself.