What is a Scholarship?
Scholarship means funds awarded with the intention of supporting the education expenses of the student. DCU scholarships are generally awarded on the basis of merit - academic excellence/achievement; sporting ability - or financial need. The scholarship funding is generally awarded to help cover tuition fees (in full or in part), accommodation costs, transportation, books etc. and do not require repayment.


What is a Bursary?
A Bursary is normally awarded on the basis of a student’s personal circumstances and may be targeted at students from sections of society that are significantly under-represented in higher education. Bursaries generally offer support with course related costs but in some cases may be available to help students to participate in opportunities such as internships or study abroad trips.


What is a fee discount/fee waiver?
A tuition fee waiver or discount reduces the amount to be paid for tuition fees. Some awards cover fees in full, others reduce the fee payable.


What is a Prize?
A Prize is a monetary award of fixed value, or an award in kind, presented to a student in recognition of  academic excellence in a specific area of study. There is no application process and the successful awardee is normally identified by the Faculty or University, based on the highest mark/top ranked outcome etc.