Travel To DCU

Active Commuting

Active commuting (walking/cycling) to DCU, when possible, is strongly encouraged with shower facilities available, ample cycle parking on all campuses and weekly free bicycle service clinics for all students and staff during term time.

Active travel has health and sustainability benefits which you can find out more about here.

For those who cycle or would like to cycle to DCU, use the TFI Journey Planner to get the best possible routes.

There are cycle lanes on the approach routes to the campuses, many of which are being extended and upgraded.

Campus Shower Facilities

Image of a shower head

Campus Shower Facilities

Shower and changing facilities are available to active commuters at the locations below.

Bike Clinics

Image of a bike and a wrench

Bike Clinics

There are free bicycle service clinics for all students and staff during term time. The service is provided by the Rediscovery Centre and the labour costs are covered by Sustainability DCU (Office of COO) & Student’s Union.


Please note: A free standard bike service is provided to staff and students, however if parts are required for the bike, they come at an additional cost to the bike owner.


The clinics are run throughout both academic semesters (24 weeks). See below for the locations of the bike clinics on each campus. The 2023/24 Semester II dates and times that the clinics will operate on each campus are also below.

Bike Maintenance Stands

Image of a bike maintenance stand

Bike Maintenance Stands

There are maintenance and repair stands, complete with multiple tools and an integrated bike pump, located throughout DCU at the below locations.

Secure Cycle Parking

Image of a bike and a lock to represent secure cycle parking

Secure Bike Parking

There are secure bike lock-up areas located on the DCU campuses at the below locations.


Please note: In order to access any of the secure cycle parking areas, you must first email and request to have your DCU student/staff card activated for access. In this email, please include the following details from your DCU student/staff card:

  • student/staff number
  • expiry date
  • 13 digit card number

Bike Sharing Schemes

DCU continues to work with service providers, such as Tier, Moby and Bleeper, to enable staff, students and campus visitors to easily avail of their shared bike services. These bikes can be found on the DCU campuses and the surrounding areas. To avail of these bikes, and find the nearest bike to your location, simply download the app for any of the providers and follow the instructions.

Cycle To Work Scheme


DCU staff can avail of the Cycle to Work Scheme through the University. The scheme is a Government tax incentive designed to facilitate employees’ purchase of a bicycle and/or cycle equipment tax-free.

The key objectives of the scheme are to:

  • Encourage more employees to cycle to and from work
  • Contribute to lowering carbon emissions
  • Help reduce traffic congestion
  • Help improve health and fitness.

More information on the Cycle To Work Scheme Work.

Bicizen - Cycling Citizen Science

The BiciZen app is a collaborative platform that aims to make city regions more bikeable. The app allows users to share data and information about cycling. For example, cyclists can share info about bicycle parking, theft, safety, or obstructions in cycle paths. It also allows cyclists to make suggestions for improvements to cycling infrastructure and report positive cycling experiences. DCU researchers have contributed open data strategy support and machine learning expertise to the app designed to improve urban cycling.

Cycling Solutions Ireland Gold

DCU has been recognised as an EU-certified Gold Standard Cycle Friendly Employer (CFE) from Cycling Solutions Ireland.

The Cycle Friendly Employer project is an EU certification scheme developed by the European Cyclists’ Federation which sets out the European standard for cycle-friendly workplaces.

Gold accreditation was awarded to DCU following an audit across a number of areas with improvements made across facilities such as showering rooms, bike parking and maintenance stands.

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