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Age Friendly University

Age Friendly University Network Members and Contact Points



Athlone Institute of Technology - Dr. Mary McDonnell-Naughton - email:
Dublin City University - Ms. Christine O'Kelly - email:
National College of Ireland  - Dr. Leo Casey - email:
National University of Ireland Galway - Prof. Chris Curtin - email:
Royal College of Physicians of Ireland  - Prof. Des O'Neill - email: 

Trinity College Dublin - Dr Sabina Brennan - email:

University College Dublin   - Dr. Bairbre Fleming - email

Northern Ireland

Ulster University - Dr Karise Hutchinson


Maastricht University  Dr Constance Sommeray - email:


Comenius University Bratislava Prof. Dusan Soltes - email:

United Kingdom

Leeds Beckett University - Mr. Dave Turner email:
University of Strathclyde - Ms.  Alix McDonald - email:

North America


McMaster University - Dr. Laura Harrington - email:
Trent University - Dr. Mark Skinner -
University of Manitoba - Prof. Michelle Porter - email:
University of Sherbrooke - Dr. Mellisa Audet - email:

Ryerson University - Dr. Michael Nicin - email:

University of Calgary - Ann Toohey email:

United States of America

Arizona State University- Prof. Richard Knoff - email: 
Central Connecticut State University - Dr. Carrie Androletti - email:
Florida State University - Dr. Neil Charness - email:
Lassell College - Dr. Joanne Monteparre - email:
Northeastern Illinois University - Dr Lisa Hollis-Sawyer - email:
University of Akron - Dr. Harney L. Sterns -
University of Hartford - Dr. Claudia Oakes - email:
University of Massachusetts Boston - Prof. Nina Silverstein - email:
University of New England (Maine) - Dr. Marilyn Gugliucci - email:
University of Rhode Island - Dr. Philip Clarke - email:
University of Southern California - Dr. Caroline Cicero - email:
University of Wisconsin La Crosse - Dr Betsy Morgan - email:

University of Eastern Michigan - Dr.Andrea Zakrajsek -

Fielding Graduate University - Dr. Connie Corley - email:

Portland State University - Dr. Paula Carder -email:

Washington University in St. LouisDr. Nancy Morrow - Howell - email:

William James College (WJC) - Dr. Erlene Rosowsky -  email:

California State University - Long Beach - Dr. Maria Claver - email:

University of Montana - Prof. Keith A. Anderson - email:

University of California, Los Angeles - Drs. Catherine A. Sarkisian & David B. Reuben -  email:

West Valley College, Saratoga - Bradley Davis - email :

Stockton University -Prof. David Burdick - email:

Purdue University -  Dr. Kenneth Ferraro - email:

Concordia University (Chicago)  - Dr. John K. Holton email: john.holton@cuchigago@edu



University of the Philippines OU - Dr. Alexander Flor - email:
- Open University

South Korea

University of Pai Chai - Prof. Jinseop Lim - email:

Daejon Senior Centre - Dr. Seo Jinwook - email: