Age-Friendly Learning Opportunities at DCU

DCU is committed to widening access to higher education, this includes enhancing the lives of older members of the community through innovative educational,  health and wellness programmes, arts and cultural activities.

Despite being a “young” university, it is not unusual to see older people on campus in DCU. There are a great number of events and activities held on an ongoing basis that are open to anyone that wishes to join. There are many different possibilities open to our mature students, to provide them with the ability to learn new skills, at their own pace. 

The Age-Friendly University Initiative is developing and expanding, below are examples of opportunities and activities open to older adults at DCU

Modules 2022/2023

Choose a single module from a wide selection of undergraduate courses and experience university and campus life as it is today! 

For those considering a course of study to experience university without committing to a four-year programme, it is possible to undertake a single module from a selection we offer.

These modules are from the undergraduate programmes and there are no entry requirements for mature applicants. Each module is worth 5 credits and can be completed in a single semester. A student card, and a DCU student email are issued with these modules.

All Modules are available in either a Credit bearing option or an Audit option. 

Credit Bearing Programme: It is possible to undertake a module on a credit-bearing basis meaning the participants will be required to undertake and complete assignments and exams. This option costs €500 and includes access to DCU support services (other than medical) and facilities such as the library. Credits earned can contribute to an undergraduate award.

Audit Programme: Otherwise, it is possible to undertake the module without credit-bearing. This means there is no requirement to undertake assignments and you will sit in with the class and take part in class discussions and lectures without the need to undergo tests or assignments. This option costs €100.  

To register for these courses it is necessary to download the registration form, fill it out and then send it to us by email at, with a copy of your ID and your student number if you have one already. Photos of the completed registration form and ID are acceptable.

Here is the registration form,  and after registration you can make your payment for the course on the following link on Eventbrite.

If you have any queries don't hesitate to contact us at

Love of Life Long Learning Programme 2022/2023

We offer a range of customised modules under our Love of Life Long Learning Programme. This year's Spring Semester has several options to choose from  Creative Writing, Random History, Reframing Ageing and more. 

These modules range from €40 each and take place over 6 - 8 weeks.

Free computer classes, other activities and  research opportunities are also offered throughout the year, so please make sure your name is on the mailing list, as we have several exciting projects in planning.

Register on Eventbrite

DCU in the Community 

Based in Ballymun, DCU in the Community is an outreach centre which acts as a bridge between the university and its local community. Its mission is to provide educational opportunities to people, including older adults, in North Dublin in order to widen access to those who have not previously had the opportunity to attend university and to promote equality in third level education. Since 2011, DCU in the Community has hosted a Summer School providing a wide variety of workshops and courses to the community. In addition to courses in Psychology and Digital Media  DCU in the Community offer the  "Bridge to Education" course aimed at mature students who wish to prepare to return to further education.

For more information please visit the DCU in the Community Web site or call 01 700 8800.

DCU Connected

DCU Connected provides adults throughout the world with flexible access to third-level education. Thousands of students of all age ranges have graduated with Dublin City University degrees through DCU Connected in that time. DCU Connected mission is to assist our students in achieving their educational goals without the need to attend regular campus-based classes. As an Open Education student, you can study in your own time, at your own pace and whatever place is convenient to you. As DCU's Connected courses consist of a series of individual modules, you can tailor your study workload to the time you have available and build up credits towards your degree over time. Connected undergraduate courses are open to anyone. Also, if you are over 23, you do not need a Leaving Certificate-several of our graduates have been in their 80s.

For more information visit  DCU Connected 

Other Programmes in DCU

The School of Theology, Philosophy and Music offer a variety of programmes of interest some of which are on a part-time basis on Thursdays and Saturdays.

The increased demand for the fitness programme Active for Life programme aimed at older people demonstrates DCU’s commitment to supporting active and healthy ageing.