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Since its earliest days DCU has been committed to widening access to higher education, and this includes enhancing the lives of older members of our community through our innovative educational programmes, research and civic engagement.

Reporting to the President of DCU, Professor Brian MacCraith, an interdisciplinary working group set out to identify the distinctive contributions that can be made by higher education institutions in addressing the needs of older adults. As a result, a set of 10 generic principles for an 'Age Friendly University' was established, and now adopted by partner universities in Europe, North America, and South East Asia. An External Advisory Board was also established comprising organisations representiing older peoples interests to advise and support the initiative.

In September 2014, Ms. Christine O'Kelly, was appointed DCU's Age Friendly University Network Coordinator. In December 2014 an interdisciplinary Age Friendly Implementation Action Team was eatablished to implement actions identified by the working group. The group meets monthly and is chaired by Mr. Trevor Holmes, Vice President for Strategic Affairs.

A copy of the  2015 Annual Report  is available here.

The Age-Friendly University is kindly supported by KPMG.