Learning Opportunities DCU 2022/23

Semester 2 January 2023

Registration for Audit and Credit Modules

Choose a single module from a wide selection of undergraduate courses and experience university and campus life as it is today! 

For those considering a course of study to experience university without committing to a four-year programme, it is possible to undertake a single module from a selection we offer. These modules are from the undergraduate programmes and there are no entry requirements for mature applicants. Each module is worth 5 credits and can be completed in a single semester.  

A student card, and a DCU student email are issued with these modules.

Credit Bearing Programme: It is possible to undertake a module on a credit-bearing basis meaning the participants will be required to undertake and complete assignments and exams. This option costs €500 and includes access to DCU support services (other than medical) and facilities such as the library. Credits earned can contribute to an undergraduate award.

Audit Programme: Otherwise, it is possible to undertake the module without credit-bearing. This means there is no requirement to undertake assignments and you will sit in with the class and take part in class discussions and lectures without the need to undergo tests or assignments. This option costs €100.  

This year we have a wide variety of modules ranging from Business School modules to Theology, Philosophy and Music Modules. See attached all the modules that are available. Links to a more in-depth explanation of each module is available on the spreadsheet, just click on the module name to be redirected to the page! 

AFU Modules Semester 2 2023

Please download and print the registration letter and return it completed by email at afuinfo@dcu.ie with a copy of your ID and your student number if you have one already. Photos of the completed registration form and ID are acceptable.

The letter is listed below:

New Registration Letter Semester 2 2023.pdf

After registration you can make your payment for the course on the following link on Eventbrite. 

If you have any queries please contact us at afuinfo@dcu.ie


Love of Lifelong Learning Modules 2023 

We offer a range of customised modules under our Love of Life Long Learning Programme. These modules will commence the week beginning 6th  February.

These modules are €60.00 each and range from 6 - 8 weeks.

Creative Writing

This module is in person face to face 6pm - 8pm: Starting Monday 6th March. €60.00 for 8 weeks.

Venue : All Hallows Campus PG09

Creative Writing - Fiction and Non-Fiction

Dr Mark Kelleher

Is your mind brimming with ideas for stories that are waiting to be written down? If so, this exciting course is for you. Over the space of eight weeks, you will learn about what goes into writing fiction and non-fiction and engage in fun writing exercises that will prepare you for your journey as a creative writer. Each week will be dedicated to a different aspect of creative writing, including: structure/style, plot, scene-setting, themes, voice, characterisation, dialogue, and conclusions. You will also read and discuss in detail excerpts from the works of established authors. Designed for beginner to intermediate writers, this course will broaden your knowledge of creative writing and provide you with the narrative tools needed to start writing stories of your own.

Random History Lecture Series - Spring 2023

This module is designed for participants in DCU's Age Friendly University (AFU) initiative. Each week Random History explores a different historical topic, providing a taste of the research undertaken within the DCU School of History and Geography. Each session features a lecture followed by questions and discussion of the week's topic. Please note topics may change due to speaker availability.

The class takes place on selected Thursdays at 1pm in room FG09 on the DCU St Patrick's Campus in Drumcondra. €60.00 for 8 weeks.

Module Coordinators: Dr Sparky Booker (sparky.booker@dcu.ie) & Dr Marnie Hay (marnie.hay@dcu.ie)

February 9 - Marital breakdown and divorce in late medieval Ireland. Dr Sparky Booker

February 16 - How Fianna Fáil stunted the growth of Irish children: flour extraction and fortication in wartime Ireland, 1939-48. Ms Kelly Adamson

February 23 - The end of the Little Ice Age and the history of climate in late early modern Ireland. Professor James Kelly

March 2 - Reading Week - NO CLASS

March 9 - The Society of St Vincent de Paul, the clergy, and their reports on the circumstances of Northern Irish dependants of the Irish Revolution and Civil War, 1923-45. Mr Cormac Keenan

March 16 - Challenge and change in 1930s Irish agriculture. Mr Michael Loughman

March 23 - The challenge of 'reading' contested spaces in the Baltic States. Ms Kristina Zmejauskaite.

March 30 - Dangerous liaisons: illicit relationships and illegitimate births in eighteenth-century Venice. Dr Celeste McNamara

April 6 - The Michael Collins Diaries: reading a source, interpreting a life. Dr Will Murphy

School of English, DCU - The City in Literature

Starting Wednesday 8th February from 11.00-13.00pm for 7 weeks, All Hallows Campus Room PG09 8th - 22nd Feb and PG10 8th - 5th March. €60.00

February 8 - Paris in English Poetry. Ellen Howley

February 15 - Ripley Bogle, Robert McLiam Wilson. Eugene McNulty

February 22 - The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerland. Jim Shanahan

March 1 Reading Week - NO CLASS

March 8 - Herland, Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Jennifer Mooney

March 15 - Ulysses, James Joyce. Paula Murphy

March 22 - See Naples and Die. Michael Hinds

March 29 - The City and Queerness. Kit Fryatt

Sociology Module - The Reframing Ageing Initiative

Starting Wednesday 8th February from 10.00-12.00pm for 10 weeks, in DG10 Bea Orpen Building Glasnevin Campus (directly opposite the park). €40.00.

The Reframing Ageing Initiative is a long-term social change endeavour designed to improve the public's understanding of what ageing means and the many ways that older people contribute to our society. Frames are sets of choices around what to emphasize, how to explain something, and even what not to say. Everybody frames because we all make communication choices, whether we are conscious of them or not. We’re always framing!

Your experience matters to us to help reframe ageing by communicating your experiences and knowledge.

Help us create a more positive way of talking about ageing by contributing to the conversation to share and debate different aspects of ageing from a cultural and personal perspective.

Interested? Come and join Ursha Kapler who has joined us from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia to coordinate and deliver this 10-week module.

Learning outcomes:

Contribute towards an information pamphlet led and designed by participants from a critical perspective about ageism in everyday life- Explore how to express opinions and knowledge about ageing through feelings and science- Understand ageism and its everyday manifestation and how to define it through research- Recognise different experiences and views on ageing- Examine how different genders age- Take a field trip- Learn about the different topics connected to ageing- Through talking and sharing, increase your skills on how to evaluate different views on topics and contribute towards critical debate.

Beginner's Conversational Spanish - DCU Language Services

This module is face to face 2pm - 4pm:

Starting Monday 13th February

Cost €166.00 for 8 weeks.

Venue : DCU Language School Glasnevin Campus

The 2 hour 8 week afternoon module will cover:

Course content

Shopping Asking for products/price Colours and clothes (recap: covered briefly before Christmas)

Presenting/Describing a person Appearance and characteristics Asking about and describing interests

Family Habits Frequency and time expressions Daily routines Day of the week Parts of the day

Food vocabulary Visiting bars and restaurants Asking for and giving information about food.

You can register for these modules here: 


We have a range of activities that are available to our students such as the AFU Choir who meet every Thursday in the Interfaith Centre.