nex project

NEX Project

During the Dublin Learning City Festival last week, we took part in a viewing of the NEX project apartment. Pictured above, the event's participants in the NEX apartment in the Nursing Building on Glasnevin Campus. Fully fitted with motion sensors in the fridge and drawers and Alexa voice assistant among many innovative technologies. It was very interesting to find out how technology will help us care for older adults living alone in the years to come.

The overarching aim of the NEX project is to develop a technological solution that will enable older adults to remain living independently at home for as long as possible and facilitate caregivers to care for their family members or clients/patients in a non-intrusive manner. 

They are doing so by studying the usage of ambient sensor technology, voice activated assistants (Alexa), and a smartwatch.

The NEX project is being undertaken by staff at the Centre for eIntegrated Care (Visit the CeIC website) which includes staff from the School of Nursing, Psychotherapy and Community Health and the  School of Psychology. The overall project is a partnership between CeIC, the DCU INSIGHT centre for data analytics and industry partners DAVRA and DANALTO. 

In a rapidly ageing population new and efficient ways of providing health and social support to older adults are required that not only preserve independence but also maintain quality of life and safety.