two older people are cooking together

We are looking for volunteers!

The Age-Friendly University is looking for participants in our TRACEUS training programme! 

The TRACEUS project is an Erasmus+ programme. It is comprised of 6 organisations who work with and for older people and migrants representing Ireland, Cyprus, France, Spain, Bulgaria, and Belgium.

The project aims to support our target group in maintaining identity in the face of fast-paced technological change and globalisation. Mobile learning can help in making lifelong learning a reality and support intergenerational communication. Our roots, through food traditions, should be conserved and safeguarded for future generations.

The training consists of completing an online training course which will teach you how to use your mobile device to film yourself making a recipe. This recipe will then be published online to share Irish culture and traditions all over Europe! 

If you are looking to meet new people, learn new skills and how to better use your mobile device this project is for you! 

Contact us at if you're interested in this opportunity.