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Traceus Project May Newsletter

The Traceus project is moving forward! The online platform, designed and elaborated by the project
partners, have been finalised and made available to the participants. As the trainings are starting
progressively in each country, the platform, which includes numerous quizzes, unique recipes, the history
of the countries’ cuisines, and tips on filming and editing videos, is being presented to seniors all around
Europe! Having collected the first feedback from the partners and participants, the Cyprus partner will
apply some of the modifications to make the platform as more user-friendly as possible.
The training organised for seniors by the partners is based on five modules which help the participants
with different levels of digital skills to learn how to film and edit videos with their smartphones, learn
interesting facts about different European cultures and even discover some of their local countries’
recipes. Each module includes numerous quizzes and self-assessment questions to ensure a simple and
interactive learning process and apply the acquired knowledge into practice. In addition, each session is
followed by some home activities, such as readings, TV shows’ watching, script writing, DIY, videos
filming and editing. Some of the partners use social communication platforms to assist the participants in
all the stages of their learning process and engage them in ideas’ exchange and after-sessions’
Using food as a bridge between different cultures and technologies, the participants dive into a complex
but bright and interesting digital world of culinary videos and online stories’ sharing.
Even more is coming! Stay tuned and check the first videos filmed and published by the participants
thanks to the Traceus project.

Read the full newsletter here: Traceus May Newsletter.pdf