Participants of the COPE project

Building Stories Exhibition

On Tuesday, July 4th, we held an exhibition to celebrate the conclusion of our 8 week Building Stories Project.

We are very glad to have been able to host so many wonderful people for our Building Stories project. On Tuesday, we concluded this aspect of our participation in the COPE Project with a phenomenal exhibition, which many of our community members attended. Inside of DCU's Interfaith center, three prints from each participant hung on the walls as well as a number of work in progress pieces created as they learned over the course of their 8 weeks. It was fantastic to see everyone and all their incredible works collected and celebrated.

As recognition for their participation and completion of this part of the COPE project, a short and joyful award ceremony was also held in the center of the exhibition. Much in the name of social prescription, the event celebrated not only the skills and works of the participants, but the social bonds they created in the process. We thank everyone who attended and took part in this project.


Next week we will be publishing a tribute video to show off some of their works and the stories behind them!