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1   Image removed.Living with Dementia - Suzanne Cahill   2012  
2   Image removed.Portland University - Ageing Response    2012  
3   Image removed.The Guardian - Older People make Great students   2013  
4   Image removed.Irish National Positive Ageing Strategy    2013  
5   Image removed.Health at a Glance 2014 OECD   2014  
6   Image removed.Age Friendly Initiative - Louth and North East   2012  
7   Image removed.Knowledge Translation Framework for Ageing and Health   2012  
8   Image removed.Towards Global Age-Friendly Cities   2010  
9   Image removed.Environments For Healthy Ageing   2009  
10   Image removed.Healthy and Active Ageing   2012  
11   Image removed.Conceptualizing Age-Friendly Community Characteristics    2013  
12   Image removed.Creating Age-Friendly Communities in the USA   2012  
13   Image removed.Age-Friendly Cities of Europe   2012  
14   Image removed.Promoting Active Ageing in the Workplace    2008  
15   Image removed.Moving towards the Age-Friendly hospital   2011  
16   Image removed.The Importance of Social Connectedness in Building Age-Friendly Communities    2011  
17   Image removed.Age-centered Research-based Web design guidelines   2006  
18   Age-Friendly Canada Report   2013  
19   Image removed."If you could do one thing" - nine local actions to reduce health inequalities   2014  
20   Image removed.A Picture of Ageing in Ireland North and South (CARDI)   2014  
21   Image removed.Working Better - The over 50s, the new generation   2010  
22   Image removed.What happens when we all live to 100?   2014  
23   Image removed.Attitudes about Ageing - A Global Perspective   2014  
24   Image removed.Intergenerational Justice in Ageing Societies   2013  
25   Image removed.New five-year Age-Friendly strategy launched in Limerick (2015)   2015  
26   Image removed.Global Health and Ageing - World Health Organisation   2011  
27   Image removed.Ageing, Health and Innovation - Policy reforms to support Active Ageing   2011   
28   Image removed.Work Preferences After 50   2014  
29   Image removed.Senior Entrepreneurship (OECD)   2013   
30   Image removed.Understanding the digital divide (OECD)   2001  
31   Image removed.A Mapping of Smart Ageing in Ireland - Executive Summary   2015  
32   Image removed.The 2015 Ageing Report: Economic and budgetary projections for the 28 EU Member States (2013-2060)   2015  



Image removed.Healthy and Positive Ageing Report - Department of Health



34   Development of a Model for the National Dementia Registry   2021  


On the DCU External Advisory Board page, you will find links to members of the all board members/organisations.


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