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1  Living with Dementia - Suzanne Cahill2012
2  Portland University - Ageing Response 2012
3  The Guardian - Older People make Great students2013
4  Irish National Positive Ageing Strategy 2013
5  Health at a Glance 2014 OECD2014
6  Age Friendly Initiative - Louth and North East2012
7  Knowledge Translation Framework for Ageing and Health2012
8  Towards Global Age-Friendly Cities2010
9  Environments For Healthy Ageing2009
10  Healthy and Active Ageing2012
11  Conceptualizing Age-Friendly Community Characteristics 2013
12  Creating Age-Friendly Communities in the USA2012
13  Age-Friendly Cities of Europe2012
14  Promoting Active Ageing in the Workplace 2008
15  Moving towards the Age-Friendly hospital2011
16  The Importance of Social Connectedness in Building Age-Friendly Communities 2011
17  Age-centered Research-based Web design guidelines2006
18  Age-Friendly Canada Report2013
19  "If you could do one thing" - nine local actions to reduce health inequalities2014
20  A Picture of Ageing in Ireland North and South (CARDI)2014
21  Working Better - The over 50s, the new generation2010
22  What happens when we all live to 100?2014
23  Attitudes about Ageing - A Global Perspective2014
24  Intergenerational Justice in Ageing Societies2013
25  New five-year Age-Friendly strategy launched in Limerick (2015)2015
26  Global Health and Ageing - World Health Organisation2011
27  Ageing, Health and Innovation - Policy reforms to support Active Ageing2011 
28  Work Preferences After 502014
29  Senior Entrepreneurship (OECD)2013 
30  Understanding the digital divide (OECD)2001
31  A Mapping of Smart Ageing in Ireland - Executive Summary2015
32  The 2015 Ageing Report: Economic and budgetary projections for the 28 EU Member States (2013-2060)2015
33  Healthy and Positive Ageing Report - Department of Health 2015



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