about us

About Us 

At DCU we celebrate the diverse talent that exists within the autism community, and we are committed to supporting students on the spectrum to achieve their full potential. We are adapting our environment to make it more comfortable and predictable for neurodiverse students. We are creating a culture where members of the autism community are understood, included and celebrated.

Inclusive Principles

Our autism-friendly initiative was developed by AsIAm.ie and researchers here in DCU, in collaboration with students on the spectrum. The initiative is founded on Eight Principles that underpin all of the work that we’re doing to make the campus autism-friendly.

  1. Encourage and enable students to transition into and participate in university programmes.

  2. Support and build capacity to equip students with Autism to meet academic challenges of everyday university life.

  3. Support and build capacity to equip students with Autism to meet social challenges of everyday university life.

  4. Seek to establish an Autism friendly operational environment.

  5. Seek to combat the stigma around autism and recognise the diverse experience of those with the condition.

  6. Develop understanding and relevant knowledge and skills within the University community.

  7. Establish channels so that students with Autism can have a voice in various aspects of university life.

  8. Increase employability of graduates with Autism.