find your way

Find your way

DCU is made up of three campuses and it can definitely be tough to find your way around at first. None of the campuses are that big, so once you spend a little time here you will quickly figure things out. Initially though, everyone is confused, so don't panic! The most important thing to figure out is what room you’re supposed to be in. It can take a little time to get used to the system, but you will. If you need to find a room e.g. CG71, remember that the order goes: building, floor, room number. So, if you’re looking for CG71, that’s Building C, Ground Floor, Room 71.

To make things a little more confusing, buildings also have official names e.g. Building C is also called the Henry Grattan. You will be amazed how quickly you learn both building names. Bookmark the campus maps for your first couple of weeks until it all becomes second nature to you:

Click here for the DCU Virtual Campus Tour.