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Michael Nauenberg - Newton's natural philosophy

Michael Nauenberg from Univ. of California, Santa Cruz.

Title:  Teaching Newton's natural philosophy in the 18th century

Time: 19th July in DCU, Room N115, 16.00.

Michael Nauenberg received his Phd at Cornell University under Hans Bethe in 1960, and currently he is an emeritus professor of Physics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He is one of the founders of DCU Physics department, and apart from his teaching and research in physics, he has had a long standing interest in the history of 17th and 18th century physics. He has published over a dozen articles in this field, and one of his most recent papers is on the reception of Newton's celestial mechanics and gravitation that will appear in a forthcoming volume on the reception of Newton in Europe, edited by Scott Mandelbrote and Helmut Pulte. Further information can be found at the website of the UCSC physics dept. As part of this combined School of Physical Sciences and Celsius lecture, Prof Nauenberg will explore Newton's natural philosophy.