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How they ‘split the atom’ and brought the news to the world

‘Energy without limit’ ‘Science’s greatest discovery’ *

An event to mark the 80th anniversary of Ernest Walton’s (left) and John Cockcroft’s ‘splitting the atom’ on 14h April 1932

The Gallery, The Helix, Dublin City

University, Friday 13 April 2012, 4pm

Prof Brian Cathcart, Kingston University, London, author of The Fly in the Cathedral – how a small group of Cambridge scientists won the race to split the atom, on spreading the news from Cambridge

Prof Philip Walton, professor emeritus of physics, NUI-Galway, on his father’s winning the Nobel Prize for Physics (1951)

Prof Dermot Diamond, DCU, on Myles na gCopaleen’s / Flann O’Brien’s satirical treatments of the physics of his time

Songs on physics by mathematician-and-musician Tom Lehrer: Charles Delap (vocals), Fiachra Trench (piano)

* headlines from Reynolds’s Illustrated News, 1 May, 1932

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