B.Sc. in Multimedia (Bachelor Honours Degree)

The B.Sc. in Multimedia at DCU is a programme for those who are creative, enquiring, and interested in the creation of engaging and interactive media experiences.

You need a creative, enquiring outlook and an interest in the creation of engaging and interactive media experiences. Our graduates are highly successful designers, developers, artists, educators, entrepreneurs and scholars. If, like them, you are intrigued by the relationship we have to media and digital technologies in our lives, and want to explore, improve and expand that relationship, this is the course for you.

You do not need existing skills or practical experience in the analysis or design of media. You should enjoy working with digital technologies and be interested in problem solving, creative expression and working in focused team projects. The various modules will introduce you to a range of core skills from which you can build and specialise. 

If you are coming to us as a mature student, you will have an interest in digital and media technologies. Your experience and enthusiasm for these areas will allow you to contribute to a team-focused course that provides a solid foundation in the creative industries and gives you opportunities to specialise.  

CAO Code: DC133
Programme Chair: Dr Marcos Dias
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Modules on this programme:

Year 1: Media Theory & History | Sound Production | Imaging and Design | Information Design | Responsive Media | Digital Video | Writing for Media | Psychology, Media and Creativity 

Year 2: New Media & Society | Critical Praxis | Interaction Design | Advanced Video Production
Optional in Year 2: Audio | Imaging and Design 2 | Interactive Applications | Scriptwriting | E-Learning Theory & Design | Animation | Media Spaces | Analysing Advertising | Film History & Theory

Year 3: Project Development | Emerging Media | Best Practice | Major Project (Group Production OR Solo Dissertation)
Optional in Year 3: Media Law | Press and Public Relations | Uaneen (Extra Curricular Contribution)


Some roles our graduates have taken up
Online Visual Designer 
Senior Interaction Designer 
User Interface / User Experience Lead 
Interaction Designer
Senior Web Developer
Digital Developer
UX/UI Designer
VFX Artist
Video Editor
Assistant Editor 
Senior Designer
Senior Producer
Camera Operator/Video Editor
Sound Editor / Sound Designer 
Junior Art Director
Lead Development Engineer
Multimedia Campaign Manager 
Head of Digital
Creative Director 
Head of Development 
Digital Project Planner
Senior Content Manager
Account Executive
Chief Technology Officer


Where our graduates have gone on to work