DCU PhD students feature in new Off Message Podcast series
Dimitri Bettoni Lucia Mesquita Sara Creta

DCU PhD students feature in new Off Message Podcast series

DCU FuJo and the Jolt project have collaborated with the media-curious Off-Message on a new podcast series examining major issues in contemporary news and media. Over five episodes, Off Message's host Pat O’Mahony will discuss the research undertaken by Jolt’s PhD researchers on surveillance, audience analytics, storytelling, collaborative journalism, and human rights.

Three PhD students from DCU are featured in an exciting new podcast series launched today by Off Message host Pat O'Mahony to highlight the latest research from the Jolt project. 

Coordinated by DCU FuJo, the Jolt project is investigating how to harness digital and data technologies for journalism. It is a collaboration between five universities - Dublin City University, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, University of Amsterdam, University of Navarra, and University of Toulouse III – and two media companies – BBC and Samsa. JOLT’s 16 researchers are providing empirical answers to important questions about the future of journalism.

For the podcast series, Pat O’Mahony, TV and media producer and DCU alumni, interviews all five Jolt researchers including DCU PhD students Lucia Mesquita, Dimitri Bettoni and Sara Creta.

Tune into the podcast episodes here:

  • In the first episode, Dimitri Bettoni (DCU) discusses the impact of surveillance on journalism practices and efforts to increase the safety of journalists. Listen here.
  • In episode two, Elina Makri (AUTH) discusses human cognition and the role of emotions in storytelling, which may explain preferences for narratives (instead of data) in journalism. Listen here
  • In episode three, Sophie Chauvet (Samsa) examines the dangers of over-relying on audience metrics in the media industry. Listen here.
  • In episode four, Lucia Mesquita (DCU) discusses the rise of collaborations among newsrooms and her views on the future of collaborative journalism. Listen here.
  • In the final episode, Sara Creta’s (DCU) highlights the role of digital media in documenting human rights abuses and the need to protect these valuable records. Listen here

Jolt is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska Curie grant agreement No 765140.