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School of Communications

Communication, Technology and Culture (COMTEC)

The Communication, Technology and Culture (COMTEC) research centre was founded in 1991 by Paschal Preston as an interdisciplinary research centre focused on socio-economic and cultural aspects of new ICTs and the information sector/society.

Based in the DCU School of Communications, it was one of the first such social science based research centres in the Irish university sector. For over two decades now, COMTEC has pioneered a unique programme of research on communication technology, socio-economic and cultural change in the Irish university sector.

Directed by Paschal Preston, COMTEC has developed a distinguished portfolio of research, despite the paucity of public funding sources for such social science research in the Irish context. Much of the COMTEC centre’s programme of work has been supported by external funds provided on a project-only basis. COMTEC has participated in more than a dozen multi-country research projects and has established strong networking links with similar research centres in other EU states as well as the USA and Asia-Pacific countries.
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