School of Communications Postgraduate Students

 Current Research Students



Research title

Dimitri Bettoni

Tanya Lokot

Journalism Security, and Surveillance

Orla Bourke

Patrick Brereton

Pedagogical Strategies to Improve Creative Media

Marie Boran

Padraig Murphy

What Lies Beneath: A Mixed Methods Exploration of Online Reader Comments as a Space for Public Engagement with Science

Daniel Carey

Mark O'Brien

The Working Lives of Former Journalists and Editors

Ricardo Castellini Da Silva

Trish Morgan

From Literacy to Media Literacy: A Study on the Interface Between Mediated Communication and Education and its Implications for the Irish Second-Level Education.

Sara Creta

Kevin Rafter

New Journalism Publics

Samuel  Danzon-Chambaud

Jane Suiter

Algorithms and News

Stephen Desmond

Debbie Ging

The Films of Pedro Almodovar

Maeve Devoy

Paul McNamara

Literary journalism project on the lives of Dublin city residents: a priest, a prostitute, a Garda, a solicitor, a drug dealer, his teenage army, and many addicts.

Orla Ni Dhuill

Tanya Lokot

Irish Biodiversity Activism on Twitter

Glen Doyle

Debbie Ging

Changing Spaces: Exploring the role that the internet plays in the lives of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual  (LGB) youth aged 18-25 in Ireland

Kevin Doyle

John O'Sullivan

Digital Counteroffensive: The Rise of Social Media

Seamus Farrell

Eugenia Siapera

The Political Economy of Radical Media

Kelly Fincham

Jane Suiter

Hashtag Journalists

Victoria Gomez

Patrick Brereton

Stories for sustainability: media narratives and environmental understanding in youngsters in Ireland and Uruguay

Barbara Gormley

Padraig Murphy

Risk Communications models during pandemics

Anne-Marie Green

Paul McNamara

Documentary film exploring the factors contributing to the alienation of rural communities from a national wind energy policy

Joel Isabirye

Jim Rogers

Music Scheduling Practices in Commercial Radio

Timm Jeschawitz

Miriam Judge

An ethnographic study into the impact that contemporary attitudes towards the photographing of children is having upon the everyday practice of photographing and the sharing of images of children

Colm Kearns

Neil O'Boyle

One Nation, Two Teams, Three Mobile: Sports Sponsorship and Digital Cultural Nationalism

Niamh Kirk

Eugenia Siapera

Diasporic News Flows and the Meditation of Irish Identity

Marian McDonnell

Declan Tuite

Technology design for cognitive impairment 

Lucia Mesquita 

Jane Suiter

The Impact of Collaborative Journalism  

John Moran

Debbie Ging

Multiplex Sex: How Pornified Are Mainstream Movies? A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

Shane Murphy

Debbie Ging

A critical discourse analysis of anti-feminist movements on social media, with a particular focus on the process of radicalization.

Hamilton Viorel Niculescu

Declan Tuite
Trish Morgan

The impact of automated systems on people

Maria O’Brien

Roderick Flynn

The Participation of the Social Pillar in Social Partnership, 1996-2008

Kasandra O’Connell

Roderick Flynn

An exploration of the development of film preservation in Ireland over the last century

Paul O’Neill

Trish Morgan

Practice What We Preach: Tactical Media Art as a form of Political Resistance

J Clark Powers

Donal Mulligan

Political Agency in the Context of Social Media

Niamh Sammon

Declan Fahy

The impact of newspaper coverage on Brexit

Lauren Teeling

Jane Suiter

New Media and Conflict. A Case Study of Israel

Paloma Viejo Otero

Eugenia Siapera

Hate Speech in Online Environments