Accessibility | DCU Sport


At DCU Sport Complex we pride ourselves in our accessibility for all users. From lifts to highly advanced fitness machinery, individuals of all abilities can participate and enjoy the services our facility offers.

Throughout our complex we have four lifts all located in areas so as to provide maximum accessibility to all or our facilities. These lifts are easily operated and can be found at our reception desk, outside the minor hall, on the bridge and at the entrance to our fitness centre. Outside our main sports halls we have a ramp-like surface to provide individuals access to our minor hall and squash courts. The lift on the bridge allows access to the High Performance Gym as well as the Aerobics Studio. Our Main Halls, as well as our Squash Courts and Soccer Centre also cater for all abilities and allow easy access through the use of lifts.

Our state of the art 25m deck level pool provides accessibility to users of all abilities. This shallow end of the pool has a Pool Hoist stationed providing accessibility to all wheelchair users. Our spacious bank allows ease of movement for all members.

At DCU Sport our Spa facilities comprising of a Tepidarium, Sauna and Steam provide access to abilities of all kinds. While our spa pool has steps it is accessible to abilities of most kinds.
University Sports Complex's Fitness Centre is accessible to all by either stair or lift. Within our Fitness Centre we have treadmills, bikes and cross trainers with Braille buttons to provide maximum use for anyone who may have a visual impairment. Our free weights can be used by all while we have one wheelchair treadmill available in our Fitness Centre. Ergometers are also in place. The ‘Sport for All' policy we operate here allows individuals of all abilities to participate in all of the classes on our group fitness schedule.

The Changing Facilities on the pool side comprise of gents, ladies and family changing rooms. In the family, gents and ladies there are universal changing cubicles. All the showers in these changing rooms are ground level and allow easy access for all. The Family Changing Rooms allow individuals more privacy as there are five separate cubicles. Within each changing facility there are lockers designated to users of a different ability. The Changing Facilities outside the main halls also contain wheelchair accessible toilets and again showers that do not have steps into them.
We offer special rates to members who have different abilities and we also have an Audio Frequency Induction Loop System (AFILS) for individuals who may have a hearing impairment.  This is used daily at the reception desk to improve communication and may also be used in classes for members who have a hearing difficulty. We also have a guide dog procedure in place.
We have individual disability car parking spaces two on our upper car parking level and two on the lower level.

We here at DCU sport also adopt staff training in sport for all, making sure 100% of our staff are trained in adapting classes, programmes and games for everyone to participate in exercise.

'Sport for All' Policy

The management and staff of DCU Sport are committed to providing equal opportunities to people with disabilities in all aspects of our service and facilities. Our ‘Sport for all' policy ensures that people with disabilities can use all fitness equipment, programmes and services but more importantly that they are not excluded whilst doing so. Our sport for all culture includes people with physical disabilities, mental disabilities, hidden disabilities, the older adult, children and other special populations.'
In order to ensure the above policy is adhered DCU Sport will:

  1. Proactively promote the facilities to people with disabilities and aim to increase the number of users with disabilities. We aim to be one of the best accessible facilities on the north side of Dublin .
  2. Meet and exceed all criteria under the ‘ National Quality Standard Award' for leisure facilities by quarterly checklists and a commitment to continuous improvement to operations.
  3. Ensure all staff members are fully trained on all disabilities.
  4. Have in place a sport for all team of officers to regularly discuss and action areas which will enhance our sport for all culture.
  5. To ensure that feedback is obtained from those with disabilities and suggestions are managed in an efficient way.
  6. To ensure continuous improvement by regularly reviewing policy, procedures and feedback within this sport for all area.