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When planning for an event on campus, the best way for Faculty, Schools, Departmental or Office staff to obtain services from our Estates Office and Communications & Marketing, to make it a success, is to complete the Event Planning Notification Form.

The Event Planning Notification Form link, is provided below;

 https://www.dcu.ie/estates/event-notification-form .

Once you have completed and submitted the Event Planning Notification Form, it will be sent to the Estates Office for addressing.

Even if you do not need any services, it is important for you to let us know about your plans, so that we can try not to cause disruption by noisy maintenance work near your event.

This form allows you to communicate to us exactly what your need is, including time and date of the event as well as clean up information. To assist us when completing the event planning notification form :-

  1. Type clearly
  2. Fill out the entire form*
  3. Be as specific as possible - e.g. Name all the rooms you need to get ready, so preferably book rooms first.

* Tell us what you intend, so that for example; you may need the heating left on, rather than it going off before you have finished your event.

It is important that all requests for help are received in our office a minimum of 5 working days before the event.  If the notification is not received in advance, we cannot guarantee that your requests can be met, as the Estates Team may be involved in other activities and therefore not available to assist with your event.

We will do our best to communicate back to the requester, information about all the work which is going to be done e.g.. Special cleaning arranged etc.

Together we can achieve the right environment for your event