Why DCU?

There are many good reasons to choose DCU, including:

A woman in a headscarf wearing light coloured clothing sits on the coloured steps in the U, smiling to the camera.

Isra Elhour

Isra Elhour - MSc in Diagnostics & Precision Medicine

"DCU has established a welcoming vibrant environment for me as an international student. I could experience diverse cultures throughout DCU communities and clubs that widened my horizons and opened the door to psychological, health, IT, and other types of guidance and support. In DCU, I felt at home and made the most of my time in Dublin."

A photo of a black woman sitting in a group outside in the sun. She is wearing a white shirt and has her laptop open in front of her. She is laughing and smiling widely.

Students enjoying themselves on campus - This could be you!

"Diagnostics and Precision medicine in particular enlightened my view on the new era of medical care development and provided me with professional research and academic integrity skills to pursue a promising career path in this field.

I believe I can confidently compete for the local and international opportunities and yield a considerable offers in such regards."