Daisy Gallagher MSc in Climate Change

Daisy Gallagher, Graduate of the MSc in Climate Change

Tell us why you chose the MSc in Climate Change: Policy, Media and Society

The MSc in Climate Change: Policy, Media and Society is a unique programme that joins together key areas of study, reflecting the response we need to address climate change. While the course does provide the necessary scientific knowledge of climate change needed, it takes it a step further and gives students the skills to apply that knowledge into a broader context of impacts and responses.

From my current work experience in the field of climate action, I can confidently say the course does exactly what it sets out to do!

What are the highlights of your postgraduate experience at DCU?

One of the things that stand out when I look back over my experience in the MCC programme, is the people – both lecturers and fellow classmates. I went into a class filled with people of different ages, walks of life and opinions; from activists, architects, economists and vets to public relations officers, politicians, project managers, parents and students.

Being surrounded by a group of people with such varied backgrounds while all working to shape a climate resilient future sparks hope. Because while we all came from different beginnings, we all found ourselves with the common interest of climate action.

An apt reflection of the societal wide impact of climate change and in turn, the required response.

As an aside, I once commented to a friend how everyone in my course was so nice, her response was, “They’re all trying to save the planet, OF COURSE they’re nice people!”

How has this master's made a difference to you/your life?

I think for me, this masters offered the opportunity to pursue the career that I wanted. After seeing this course and looking into it, it gave me the courage I needed to follow a career path that I was truly passionate about. And that has come to fruition, while graduating into a pandemic was not easy, I’m now a Climate Action Graduate in Dublin City Council – working towards that climate resilient future.

My advice to incoming students...

…is to fully embrace the diversity of the course. Even if your interest is specifically in one area or another, engaging with the full course content offers you an opportunity at gaining a panorama view of climate change and applying it to your area of interest in your final project, as well as throughout your career.