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Faculty Research

This form is for submissions to a new webpage for research case studies within HSS. Those selected will also have the option to put themselves forward for consideration for the DCU wide Research Impact page.


The guiding principle of the page is that the research should demonstrate a current, or upcoming “effect on, change or benefit to the economy, society, culture, public policy or services, health, the environment or quality of life, beyond academia” in the words of UK REF.


We do accept in some cases that impact can be a highly subjective concept so if you want to make a case for something, we will always consider it.

We have decided to draw on the Campus Engage Impact Framework to broaden the definition, particularly in the case of Cultural Impact:

- Enhanced opportunities for creativity, self-expression and human development (over medium to long term perhaps)

• Increased appreciation and/or design of cultural services such as museums, galleries, libraries

• Attitudinal changes, education and understanding

• Stimulation or informing of public debate or interest

• Greater awareness of the public’s role and responsibility in contributing to solving social challenges

• Increased confidence of the general public to address issues affecting them

• Establishment of new datasets, databases or research data lodged in national databases

Impact Guidelines

Please provide a brief outline including the research's aim, and one to three areas of impact. There is also an option to include links to up to three research papers or outputs in support of this statement. Researchers also have the option to indicate SDGs to which their research contributes.

List any relevant SDGs (optional)
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