Darren Martin MA in Ethics Corporate Responsibility

Darren Martin Graduate of the MA in Ethics Corporate Responsibility

Tell us why you chose the MA in Ethics Corporate Responsibility?

I had heard about the course from someone else. It sounded very interesting but after I read the course content I knew it was something that I really wanted to learn more about. The course content will keep you engaged, challenged and provide a greater understanding of how Ethics impacts our decisions and actions.

What are the highlights of your postgraduate experience at DCU?

Firstly, meeting so many other students on the course who had the same ideas and goals as myself. They all came from different backgrounds and professions. The mix provided for some interesting conversations and opinions on the course material and beyond.

Secondly, the course delivery was excellent and very interesting. It provided much more than the prospectus sets out.

And finałly, I have made many new friends who I keep in contact with even after the course has finished.

How has this master's made a difference to you/your life?

This course was a departure from my previous studies. It was something new yet involved examination of Ideas going back into our shared history and experiences. I find that you will often reflect on the course from time to time and apply its teaching to your professional or personal life decisions.

My advice to incoming students...

If your interests have brought you to read the prospectus on the course you are already a student of Ethics and Philosophy. If you take that final decision to do the course you will not be disappointed. It  was challenging at times but you will come through it with a fantastic understanding of the topic which leads to lifelong learning long after the course is finished.