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Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences


Associate Dean for Research: Professor Eugene McNulty

Eugene McNulty is  Associate Dean for Research in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences; a role that entails supporting, promoting, and coordinating research culture across the faculty's seven constituent schools.  

In addition to this role in the Faculty, Eugene is Associate Professor in English with special interests in Irish literature and theatre history, postcolonial writing, and the intersections between law and cultural production. He is a graduate of the University of Kent (Canterbury), where he was awarded his MA and PhD by the Centre for Colonial and Postcolonial Research. Before the formation of DCU's School of English he was a member of the English Department in St Patrick's College (2008-2016), and faculty coordinator of the BA Programme. Prior to moving back to Ireland he was a member of the School of Social, Historical and Literary Studies at the University of Portsmouth (2003-2008). 

Prof. Eugene McNulty
Associate Dean for Research,
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences,
Dublin City University.
Tel: 353-1-700 6061