Truth in the News Symposium

Leading national and international media figures gathered to discuss 'truth in the news' in a digital environment at Dublin City University on 16 September 2013.  The one-day symposium was organised by Arizona State University and Dublin City University in conjunction with the New America Foundation.  The convenors were Dan Gillmor from ASU and Kevin Rafter from DCU. 

Keynote addresses were delivered by Dan Gillmor, a leading figure on social media, and Peter Horrocks, Director of the BBC's Global News division.  Gilmore spoke about media literacy, warning that "if you're not a creator of content then you're not truly literate in a digital world."  He advised those attending the conference - and those watching on the live webcast - to "be skeptical of everything" online.  Senior BBC News Executive Peter Horrocks revealed that the the BBC's social media team now deals with 35,000 comments and 200 videos each week.  Horrock's spoke about the 'battle for trust' at the BBC. 

Other participants included: Andy Carvin who pioneered National Public Radio's use of Twitter during the Arab Spring; Amanda Michel, open editor at the Guardian US; Leonard Downie Jr. who reported for the Washington Post during Watergate Crisis and who was later the newspaper's executive editor; and British political blogger Paul Staines better known as "Guido Fawkes"; Irish speakers include Kevin Bakhurst, MD News and Current Affairs at RTE, and the TV3 CEO, David McRedmond. 

The conference's live webcast was the leading items trending in Ireland on 16 September. A flavour of the proceedings, discussion and media coverage can be seen at this link: