DCU Doctoral Scholar awarded the 2020 Gabrielle Carty Memorial Scholarship by SALIS

DCU Doctoral Scholar awarded the 2020 Gabrielle Carty Memorial Scholarship by SALIS

SALIS is pleased to announce that the third Gabrielle Carty Memorial Scholarship, has been awarded to Matthew Riemland for his outstanding doctoral research proposal, entitled Does Language Status Affect Lexical Normalisation in Translation. A graduate of the University of Michigan and Trinity College, Dublin, Matthew is conducting his research under the supervision of his Principal Supervisor, Professor Dorothy Kenny of SALIS, and Professor James Hadley of the Trinity Centre for Literary and Cultural Translation, Trinity College, Dublin.

Born in Mullingar Co. Westmeath in 1959, Dr Carty lived in Dublin for most of her life. Despite having a serious hearing deficiency, she mastered several languages and was a valued colleague in SALIS from 1990 until her untimely death in 2017.

Dr Carty was an outstanding translator and devoted her teaching career to translation studies, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. She also made a valuable contribution to modules on Spanish culture and society.

Dr Carty’s research focused on film studies including the history and criticism of film in Spain and Italy; comedy theory, in particular comedy in film; star theory/ reception theory; representations of the Civil War in Spanish cinema and the films of Pedro Almodóvar.

The early onset of Dr Carty’s illness and her untimely death in November 2017 profoundly affected her colleagues and students, who share fond memories of her collegiality, her professionalism, and her dedication to the well-being of students and staff alike. Gabrielle continues to be sadly missed by all who were privileged to know her.