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"All full-time programmes at DCU are included on the Department of Education and Science's Internationalisation Register of Programmes approved by the Minister for Education and Science for the purpose of access to employment by students from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland."

  1. Entitlement to Employment

    EU/EEA nationals have the same entitlement to take up employment as that of an Irish person.

    Non-EU students attending a full-time course of at least one year’s duration leading to a qualification recognised by the Department of Education and Science are entitled to work up to 20 hours part-time per week and full-time during the university holidays. The entitlement to take up employment ceases once your student visa expires. Following completion of your studies, if you wish to continue in employment, you will require a work permit to do so. Although this entitlement to work certainly eases the financial burden on international students, we would not advise that you rely solely on this source of income during your stay here. The Garda National Immigration Bureau also expects proof that you will have sufficient funds to fund your period of study in Ireland.

  2. Personal Public Service (PPS) Number:

    All employees in Ireland have a PPS number for tax purposes. If you are planning to take up part-time employment in Ireland, you must apply for a PPS number. An information sheet on how to obtain a PPS number can be obtained from the International Office at DCU. Please call in to collect this information at your convenience.

The DCU Careers Service provide our international students with a unique resource on working in Ireland and starting your career. This resource includes information on:

  • Working in Ireland during your Studies
  • Working in Ireland after Graduation
  • Marketing Yourself to Employers
  • CV Advice for International Students
  • Interview Advice
  • Tips on seeking work in your home country or outside of Ireland
  • Pursuing Postgraduate Study

This resource may be accessed here: