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Lauren Pompey (Washington DC), MA International Relations

Lauren Pompey 

Washington D.C., MA in International Relations

I have always had an interest in learning more about Irish history and culture. I knew that my decision to pursue higher education in the field of International Relations would be best experienced living outside of my native country. My decision to earn a Master’s degree in Ireland captured the best of both worlds. 

My professors made lectures engaging in an intriguing way. Lecture discussions amongst peers augmented the topic of focus in a fun way. I was able to reach out to my professors with any questions and conceptualization for papers.

I genuinely enjoyed being a DCU because of the warm sense of community I easily was embraced by upon moving overseas. I made friends quickly and enjoyed the ability to get involved in diverse clubs/societies within the university. 

I was deeply appreciative of living abroad in a new environment that would still allow me the freedom of exploring an old city, but also have easy access to the vibrant coastline and outdoor adventures!


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