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Mobility within the European Union – The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS System)

The European Credit Transfer System was initially set up in 1989 as a pilot scheme within the framework of the Erasmus programme. Its aim at that time was to facilitate the recognition of study periods undertaken abroad by mobile students through the transfer of credits. As a transfer system, ECTS has expanded to over 30 countries and has been introduced in more than one thousand higher education institutions.

Dublin City University fully subscribes to the ECTS System and allocates ECTS credits to all undergraduate and (taught) postgraduate programmes. In line with ECTS requirements, 60 credits measure the workload of a full-time student during one academic year. All DCU transcripts outline the number of credits allocated to modules studied by the students during any given academic year. Please note that DCU credits are equivalent to ECTS credits.

Within the ECTS System, it is possible for students registered at institutions which recognise the System, to study abroad and receive formal recognition for courses studied. Within this framework, DCU encourages student exchanges and mobility.

The following pages provide useful information for both incoming and outgoing students, wishing to receive formal recognition for their period of study abroad.

Please note that the links to the DCU website below represent the queries which arise most often. It is advisable to examine the entire website carefully.

Incoming Students to DCU 

Incoming Exchange Student Module Choices, Module Registration, & building your Timetable:

  • You will be pre-registered for the modules selected at application stage and will build your timetable in scheduled lab sessions during orientation. 
  • After orientation you will be able to access the change of mind form to add or drop modules.

Outgoing Students from DCU

Exchange Process for Outgoing Students:


DCU Staff Teaching & Staff Training Mobility (Erasmus Programme)

Guidelines on Teacher/Staff Mobility

Partner Institutions for TM & SM - currently being updated

Teacher Mobility Application Information

Staff Mobility Application Information